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Try self-checkout!

Our library staff is always available to help you check out items, but did you know we also have six self-checkout stations around the library? Here are some tips and tricks to use them effectively.

  • When using the touchscreen to enter your library card or PIN, be slow and attentive because at times it will not properly register a finger’s touch.
  • A more reliable option for entering your library barcode and PIN is to use the numeric keypads installed at every station.
  • Do not scan library item barcodes using the scanner, instead place the items on the black pad and wait for the item titles to turn green on the screen.
  • If you have multiple items, it is recommended that you count them and confirm the item totals before finishing.
  • If an item placed on the black pad does not appear on the screen, try shuffling the item, opening its cover, or flipping it around; for an audiobook, opening the case and lifting the discs up and away from the case will usually do the trick.

If you ever have any other issues or would like to be shown how to use a self-checkout station, our library staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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